Jofie’s Safari Journal

The ‘Over qualified’ problem Elephant hunt

It was with childish enthusiasm that I packed my last gear that morning. A long day of travel lay ahead on roads less travelled. An urgent call from a local community, their meager ‘mahango’ crops being devastated by Elephant and one human death had already occurred trying to protect their harvest. The old bull was […]

A look back at a successful 2012 season:

Cancellation. As a safari operator your heart sinks. Life is what it is, but sometimes you find yourself wondering… WHAT!? How are you going to recoup the loss of revenue even with a good deposit that has been forfeited? With just more than two weeks to go before the start of the hunt, will we […]

First Elephant Hunt of 2013 Season

Today I started packing for my first elephant hunt of the season. Some elephants are wreaking havoc in the villages in northwestern Namibia and I have been tasked with helping the local people. Late last week a lady was trampled to death in her cropfield. Who—or what—was at fault? Africa is experiencing more human-wildlife conflict, […]

Namibia Drought 2013

“As I look out at the field in front of my home, washed clean and fresh. One can almost hear the plants growing – relishing moisture.” Today is April fools and that is no lie. What is not a joke is the drought that Namibia faces in 2013. Many parts of the country have received […]

Welcome to Jofie Lamprecht Safaris!

Welcome to Jofie Lamprecht Safaris!

Jofie Lamprecht’s Safari Journal 22 May 2013 In a fathers eyes In a fathers eyes there is a distinct pride and happiness to watch his children hunting. His personal satisfaction lived through watching them. Walking in the back of the line and just appreciating. Not necessarily ever having to pull the trigger. Sitting around the […]

Report from the field 29 and 30 September 2012

As the prevailing wind shift from its normal East to South, the temperatures become very pleasant. At night one’s comforter is welcome and early in the morning a light jacket is needed to break the crisp air. I wake at night to the sound of Wild Dogs yapping as they stride past my tent. The […]

Report from the field 27 and 28 September 2012

Today we leave the camp south of Khaudum and must travel through the park to its northern boundary. We have another trophy Elephant to hunt. It is windy, and HOT. 102 Fahrenheit at 17:00… We did not see much in the park, but it is beautiful. As the hours slipped by, the habitat changes, trees […]

Report from the field 26 September 2012

We arrive back at the sight of the previous days’ events. As the trackers and local community cut the last piece of the road in, I go and spend a few last moments. He is magnificent. A field measurement of his ivory indicates the total tusk length to be over 70 inches. 16.8 inches circumferences […]

Early Morning Camp Fire – Favorite Place During Safari

I find myself sitting in a favorite place for anyone on safari, next to the warm fire in the glow of early morning. The smell of percolator coffee excites my olfactory sense as the cook pours steaming water over strong German grounds. At the first pan, we discover four bulls’ tracks that are disappointingly too […]

Namibia’s Bushmanland

Namibia’s Bushmanland

We are bouncing down the road in Namibia’s Bushmanland. Sun is scorching in the early afternoon. “Burn season” is underway. As P.H.’s in Namibia, we are not allowed to set fires. Fires come anyhow. When I last wrote the story, which is coming soon – “Tragedy in the Delta” – I was sitting on a […]

Photography by: Jofie Lamprecht