Our Mission Statement

“Legendary Quality in Passionate Tradition.”

This is the standard to which we hold ourselves as well as all with whom we do business. At Jofie Lamprecht Safaris we pride ourselves in having the versatility to offer the discerning hunter and / or photographer exactly what they want. Instead of making everyone fit into ordinary safaris that are designed without you as the unique client that you are. Your distinctive wants, needs and desires are all taken into account. Custom-tailored safaris are created just for you.

Rather than simply focusing on selling what we have on one property, we utilize all of what Namibia has to offer and put together five-star plains game and big game safaris in the best areas with the best trophy quality.

Planning a photographic safari with us is a beautiful work in progress from the first conversation. We provide you with destinations that are time tested, client approved and you decide which ones appeal to your sense of adventure. You are on your way to a safari of a lifetime!

Jofie Lamprecht Safaris

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Photography by: Jofie Lamprecht